This handbook is written by an abandoned spouse for the benefit of other abandoned spouses. Its first-person narrative takes readers by the hand to show them the patterns of behavior that can be expected from a wayward spouse seeking divorce. From the mentality of an adulterer and the signs of infidelity through infidelity trauma and common behaviors of adulterers seeking divorce, this book gives comfort to the injured and abandoned from the voices of other injured spouses.

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Available in Print from Createspace or Amazon. 
Ebook available from Amazon - Apple - Barnes&Noble - Kobo -Smashwords

Available in Print from Createspace or Amazon. 
Ebook available from AmazonApple - Barnes&Noble - Kobo -Smashwords

Available in Print from Createspace or Amazon. 
Ebook available from Amazon - Apple - Barnes&Noble - Kobo -Smashwords

Faith is a tenured homemaker who loves her husband and children. She has endured many trials in her marriage, but none quite so difficult as the one she is about to experience. When she discovers her husband in the back seat of their family car with another woman, she turns to scripture for guidance and discovers, to her dismay, an obligation that is contrary to what the world prescribes. After her adult son suggests she keep a daily journal, she begins to record an adultery-spawned craziness that she never even dreamed could apply to any life, much less her previously loving marriage.

This book appears to be a heartbreaking tale of one woman’s futile struggle to spare her family from being torn apart by adultery. On a deeper level, it is much more. To the spiritually trained eye, it is also a strong example of mankind’s natural bent to reject unconditional love in favor of carnal desire, his self-interested disobedience to divine command and his own stubbornness being his ultimate undoing.

CAUTION: This is a love-it-or-hate-it read.

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An inspirational story of a real love triangle with some not-so-obvious heavenly guidance. I did not expect to win the drawing for a free dating club membership but I did, and my boyfriend encouraged me to accept the prize. So I claimed my award. I wanted to make him realize that he loved me too much to risk letting me go. I got what I wanted and much more. Let me tell you what happened.Type your paragraph here.

In our modern era of vanishing morality, benchmark Christian principles seem all but forgotten. But what happens to those who honor the law of man above the Law of Christ? Does His Blood still cover them? What reason is there to put Christ's Law first?

"The Bleeding Love" attempts to answers these important questions in this charming work of fiction, while at the same time coming up with a delightful and completely fictional, surprise happy ending.

NOTE: This is an unedited book. It appears just as it did on the website, as it was written.

Beth has also written an unfinished YA Fantasy series under the moniker Efran Myles. If the series is ever finished, it will be made available as a complete set in both paperback and eReader platforms. For now, find them in eBook form only from your favorite e-Retailer.

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Books by Beth Durkee

Does God hear us when we pray? Does He ever answer? Does He know when we are suffering? Does He care?

When I was a child, I would sit in the church captivated by the calming resonation of chanted prayers. It provided a great sense of comfort to me—like leafing through a well-read leather-bound book. This was the first inkling I had of the place where my heart belonged—the Catholic Church.

As the years passed, no one would have known that my bright childhood would take a turn towards a seemingly dark and isolated future. There were many times when I skirted death—birthing complications and multiple emergency surgeries stemming from malformed blood vessels in my brain. What had saved me at these moments, were miraculous chance happenings that came at times when I prayed the hardest for them.

I lost a great many things—my balance, my gift for math and sciences, my visual clarity and my short term memory.
It was a heavy burden that I still carry today. Even so, I knew that it was not the end… God must have had other plans for me. I was still here and there was a child that counted on me. I attained a Bachelor’s degree in a prestigious Wisconsin university and found myself anew. If there is one thing I believe with conviction, it is that everything happens for a reason and that He has a plan for each and every one of us.

Allow me to recount my memory of His miracles with you.

An inspirational recollection of faith, healing and miracles with author reflections. This is a very personal, true life story.